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“Most likely to cycle through 5 outfits in a single day”


The only thing I love more than the clothes on my body are the eclectically hand-designed, carved and glazed mugs holding my rum-based drinks. +10 if said drink contains a tiny umbrella.

It’s true. I collect tiki mugs. You caught me.

I’ve been told it’s good to have a hobby. I like to be good, so I’ve got a few. They range from producing a podcast where I investigate the choices people make when getting dressed in the morning to maintaining a small Etsy business selling handmade accessories to aid ladies (and gents!) all over live their best lives.

I believe you can punctuate an outfit with a good statement. I have an unusually soft spot for earrings.

My left ear wishes this weren’t true.

I’ve spent the last four years fully immersed in the digital world. My label would read ‘Social Media Manager’ probably etched in a thick, black sharpie. I started out my career as a freelance agent, working remotely with brands who were interested primarily in using social as a sales tool. I’m on a first name basis with Phi- I mean, Facebook Ads Manager. I spent the past year working as the fully-operational, in-house social media team for a major fashion brand. I’ve expanded my digital marketing knowledge gained through years of social experience and fused it with my role in the marketing team. I dream in analytics; I measure time in quarterly reports; I eat brand strategies for breakfast. I evaluate life choices based on YoY reports. I’ve legally changed my middle name to CRM. Just kidding.

Or am I?


Send Nudes


No, don’t. Don’t do that.

Maybe you’ve heard that I like Star Trek. Maybe you haven’t.

Ask me about it at ericaesabol@gmail.com

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