Sanctuary Clothing


At Sanctuary Clothing, I served as the brand’s social and marketing coordinator. I was in charge of all social management and strategy as well as developing the marketing calendar in accordance with quarterly initiatives; this included writing brand and email copy.

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With the launch of their first, full denim collection in Fall 18, Sanctuary wanted to revisit its voice to target a younger age demographic. The idea was to keep the voice young, punchy and simple through both email marketing and social media.


Social strategy followed the larger marketing initiatives and I served as the lead on overall strategy development as well as strategy for specific social campaign initiatives (i.e. denim launch, seasonal launches, etc.)

Sanctuary’s launch of #OTD - Find Your One True Denim

Sanctuary’s launch of #OTD - Find Your One True Denim


To accompany Sanctuary’s Stretch + Move Initiative, we collaborated with the ultimate movers - dancers and yogis. We sent dancers and yogis pairs of our Stretch + Move denim and let them show off how their denim moves with them throughout the day.



To really push the vetted fit of Sanctuary’s new denim collection, we created the #DENIMCONFESSIONAL series. It’s exactly what it sounds like. We sent denim to our favorite influencers and bloggers and had them give us a raw try-on video of their initial thoughts on the denim. We pulled quotes for our feed and shared their raw, unfiltered, un-cut videos on our Instagram stories.