Restricted Shoes


Restricted Shoes wanted to grow their e-commerce business. For them, social was primarily about pushing traffic to their website and eventually, getting those visitors to convert and become customers. 

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In order to do this, we started by segmenting our audience for prospecting campaigns, developing the fanbase and then optimizing both macro and micro conversion campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We also utilized ongoing AdRoll retargeting campaigns. 

Over 11 months.... 

  • Instagram grew 365%

  • Pinterest grew 529%

  • Website referrals from social platforms grew 345%

  • Sales doubled 🙌🏻

As I refined the audience for Restricted Shoes, I figured out more about what content they engaged with the most.

We started with a mix of lifestyle and shoes, but learned that the audience gravitated most towards the content directly featuring the Restricted Shoes.


Through audience segmenting we learned that Restricted's audience was based in the 25-45 year range amongst women who had more of an interest in vintage, retro or pin-up styles. 

Over time, we were able to get these customers to make purchases through macro and micro-conversion campaigns using Facebook and Instagram and continue to develop a wider audience (younger, trendier, etc.) through prospecting campaigns. 

While a knowledge and knack of audience strategy was integral to success for this client, content creation was also a very important key element.

I produced or shot most of the photos used for ads myself and created and styled not only flatlay content with the shoes, but also videos for use across all of Restricted's social platforms.